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Things To Do & See


Blossom Fruit Stand

Blossoms Fruit Stand is over 60 years old, one of the oldest in the Okanagan Valley.


Great selection of their own fruit and veggies grown right on their farm. You can purchase Summerland Sweets goodies too.

Granny's Fruit Stand, Bakery, and Cafe

Nummy pies and other baking goods. Lunch items are fantastic with homemade salads. Pizzas are now available!

You can also purchase fruit, veggies and juices.

Perfect spot for picking up your stuff on the way out of town.

Chillers Gourmet Farm Market

Lots of interesting goodies to choose from!

They are located just off Highway 97 at Jones Flat Road, just passed the Visitor Centre and next door to Back Door Winery.

McConnell's Fruit Market & Orchard

This great place is a good one to make your last stop if you are heading north out of town. It is on your right at the corner of Hwy 97 and Prairie Valley Road (Tim Horton's intersection).

From pottery to fruit and veggies to other great gifts to take home.

Summerland Sweets

Summerland Sweets has been in operation since 1962. They are famous for their jams, syrups, fruit leather and their Fruit Wines...mmmm.



The Kettle Valley Steam Railway

Lots of history and gorgeous train ride through the mountains of Prairie Valley. The train takes you over the tallest tressel in the Okanagan Valley. Lots of celebrations and events offered.

Nixdorf Classic Car Museum

If you like to see some classic cars that have been restored, this is the place. You can also rent the cars for driving you around to wine tour the many wineries in Summerland.

Giant's Head Park

You can walk up or drive to a parking area to have a 360 degree view of Summerland.

Recently, they have added picnic tables and benches to stop and enjoy.

They host the long board races in August.

Link to Giant's Head Park



Dickinson Family Farm

Just a lovely farm. If you have friends that want to camp and meet up with you, this would be the place.

It has the 'World's Largest Orchard Ladder'. You can also pick fruit in season in the orchard.

Link to Dickinson Family Farm

Peach Orchard Campground

Sometimes other family members come to stay and visit the family and friends while they stay in Summerland.


It is a short walk to the beach with a great campsite with Peach Orchard Creek.

Link to Peach Orchard Campground



Delong Studio

Located along the Okanagan Wine Tour route in Summerland, British Columbia Canada, specializes in hand-crafted, original sterling silver jewelry and custom cut semi-precious stones. Tucked away, just off Hwy 97 in a quaint little spot.

Link to Delong Studio

The Suburban Princess

Clothing, fashion and accessories.

Cute spot with shoes too!

Link to The Suburban Princess

Sass Boutique

A wide variety of selection for casual and special events.

Link to Sass Boutique



Summerland Ornamental Gardens

Lots of history and beautiful views!

The tallest train tressel is located over Trout Creek, which can be viewed on many of the pathways around the grounds.

This is where the Kettle Valley Steam Train crosses over on their tour.

The gardens are absolutely stunning with a magnificent xeriscape garden.

Link to Ornamental Gardens



Bottleneck Drive

Take the time to experience Summerland’s Bottleneck Drive. With sweeping vineyards and lush orchards, it’s full of boutique wineries and craft beverage creators. Get ready to explore this remarkable region.

Everything on Bottleneck Drive is closely grouped on the banks of Lake Okanagan, so it’s easy to drive or cycle your way around. Browse our featured tours or create your own path.

Link to Bottleneck Drive



Zia's Stonehouse

Designated as an architectural heritage site, this beautiful house was built by Alfredo Biagioni in 1916. He took five years to build it, digging the basement by hand and using his horse, Nelly, to haul it away. He personally selected the stones from the Garnet Valley. The walls are eighteen inches thick which keep it cool in the summer and cozy in the winter.

Zia's Stonehouse is appreciated by many. Opened 7 days a week, with creative fantastic meals with local items.

Enjoy the outdoor patio!

Link to Zia's Stonehouse

Yaki's Pizza and Subs

Recently moved in to the heritage Bank of Montreal building.

Family run! Always fresh ingredients and quick delivery.

Link to Yaki's Pizza

Murray's Pizza

Daily specials, pick up only. Six locations throughout the Okanagan Valley. They will also deliver hot and nummy.

Link to Murray's Pizza

The Beanery

From the organic coffee to smoothies along with fresh breakfast and lunches to amazing daily baked goods.

It's right at the end of Main Street in Summerland. Coffee anyone?

Link to The Beanery


If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us below. Perhaps there is a special celebration that would make your stay more memorable, we would be more than happy to arrange.

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